May 4, 2016

How to use altmetrics

General best practices

Experts have recommended using altmetrics in a manner that’s accurate, auditable, and meaningful.

According to Piwowar & Priem (2013):

  1. “Accurate data is up-to-date, well-described and has been filtered to remove attempts at deceitful gaming.
  2. “Auditable data implies completely open and transparent calculation formulas for aggregation, navigable links to original sources and access by anyone without a subscription.
  3. “Meaningful data needs context and reference…How many tweets is a lot? What percentage of papers are cited in Wikipedia? Representing raw counts as statistically rigorous percentiles, ideally localized to domain, type of product, or year of publication, makes it easy to interpret the data responsibly.”

Here’s how you can use altmetrics…

…in a CV or resume

…for grant applications and reporting

…for promotion and tenure documentation