May 23, 2016

…for promotion and tenure documentation

A growing number of universities include altmetrics and related concepts like social media engagement requirements in their tenure & promotion preparation guidelines.

If you’re interested in updating your university promotion & tenure guidelines to include altmetrics, contact your faculty senate or your Vice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs (or similar campus office) to learn more about how that might work on your campus.


  • Trevor A. Branch, Biology, University of Washington (USA)
    Trevor used altmetrics to showcase the success of his outreach and service efforts in his dossier. He also included altmetrics in selected parts of his tenure CV, using the score & percentile information and some citation counts to highlight the success of particular papers.
  • Ahmed Moustafa, Biology, American University in Cairo (Egypt)
    Ahmed included contextual altmetrics in his dossier narrative, using a screenshot of his Impactstory profile’s “highly cited”, “highly discussed”, and other badges to showcase the relative use and influence of his publications. He also used Google Scholar citations to explain the reuse of a research software package he created (JAligner), as traditional citation metrics couldn’t capture how often JAligner had been mentioned in others’ publications.
  • Steven B. Roberts, Biology, University of Washington (USA)
    Steven included altmetrics both in his Outreach & Engagement section of his dossier (seen in the grid on his lab website) and also within the CV he included in his dossier.
  • Heather Coates, University Library, IUPUI (USA)
    Heather added altmetrics to Section 8 of her tenure dossier in order to demonstrate the influence of her articles and presentations alike–important for a profession where research is often shared in presentations, rather than publications.