May 26, 2016

LibGuides and websites

If you’re interested in creating a LibGuide on altmetrics at your institution, we recommend checking out these up-to-date, balanced LibGuides first.

  • “Altmetrics”, University of Melbourne Library
    Solid introduction to altmetrics and their benefits & limitations. Includes a list of tips on how to improve your altmetrics through social media outreach.
  • “Research Impact, Citation Analysis & Altmetrics”, University of Cincinnati Health Sciences Library
    A comprehensive guide to traditional citation metrics and altmetrics. Includes guides and tutorials on how to find citations for your work, and (to a lesser extent) information on altmetrics tools.
  • “Bibliometrics & altmetrics”, University of Maryland Libraries
    Includes guides to using metrics for tenure & promotion.
  • “Traditional & altmetrics” [page], Utrecht University Library
    Part of a larger primer on research impact and visibility. Includes a comprehensive grid that compares metrics offered by and features of altmetrics services and citation databases.
  • “DataBank: Scholarly Metrics intro”, Northwestern University Library
    Information on scholarly metrics (including altmetrics) is broken down according to what’s being assessed (articles, journals, databases, etc).
  • Iowa State University Guide to Altmetrics,” Emma Molls & Megan O’Donnell, Iowa State University
    A concise guide to what altmetrics are, where they come from, and how researchers can use them.
  • “Altmetrics”, Andrea Horne Denton & Kimberly Barker, University of Virginia Health System Moore Library
    A solid overview to altmetrics, aimed at beginners. Includes suggested readings and other educational resources. Useful for librarians.
  • “Altmetrics, las otras métricas: ¿Qué es altmetrics?”, Biblioteca Universidad D Sevilla
    An excellent Spanish-language primer on altmetrics, filled with references to other Spanish-language altmetrics research and resources.

You are also welcome to adapt and reuse content from this website. It’s available for reuse and remixing under a CC-BY 4.0 license (please give authorship credit to Altmetric). Much of this guide’s content is based upon an Impactstory LibGuide, reused under a CC-BY 4.0 license. For more information on how to copy existing Libguides and Libguide pages into your own Libguide, see this tutorial.