May 26, 2016

Recommended Readings

Books & book chapters

  • Beyond bibliometrics: harnessing multidimensional indicators of scholarly impact by Blaise Cronin & Cassidy Sugimoto (eds.) Find in a library >>> Amazon >>>
  • Meaningful Metrics: A 21st Century Librarian’s Guide to Bibliometrics, Altmetrics, and Research Impact by Robin Chin Roemer & Rachel Borchardt Find in a library >>> Amazon >>>
  • Altmetrics: A practical guide for librarians, researchers and academics by Andy Tattersall (ed.) Find in a library >>> Amazon >>>
  • Priem, J. (2014) ‘Altmetrics’ (Open access chapter from Beyond Bibliometrics: Harnessing Multidimensional Indicators of Scholarly Impact)
  • Altmetrics for Librarians: 100+ tips, tricks, and examples by Stacy Konkiel, Natalia Madjarevic & Amy Rees Download >>>
  • Measuring Research: What Everyone Needs to Know by Cassidy Sugimoto and Vincent Larivière (forthcoming, 2018) Find in a library >>> Oxford University Press >>>



For more readings, check out the Mendeley Altmetrics group and the Responsible Metrics resources page.