May 23, 2016

Types of Altmetrics

Altmetrics can be used to help you understand the many ways that your work has had an influence with other scholars, the public, policy makers, practitioners, and more.

Some altmetrics that research outputs might receive include:

Attention data for journal articles

  • Tweets mentioning an article (general attention)
  • Discussion in the mainstream media (public attention)
  • Discussion on expert peer review websites like PubPeer (scholarly attention)

Impact indicators for books

  • Citations of a book in public policy documents (influence on policy or law)
  • Recommendations of a book in Faculty of 1000 Prime (influence upon a discipline or clinical practice)
  • Inclusion of a book in university reading lists or syllabi (influence upon education)

Dissemination metrics for research data

  • Views and downloads from Figshare, Zenodo, Dryad, ICPSR, or other subject or institutional repositories
  • “Upper bound” of Twitter users who have potentially seen a dataset shared on Twitter