June 22, 2017

Grant Applications: Dr. Fernando T. Maestre

Fernando is an Associate Professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Spain.

Fernando has submitted several grant applications in which he used altmetrics to explain the influence of his research.

In one application, Fernando used altmetrics to showcase his “early achievements track record”:

Delgado-Baquerizo, M.*, F.T. Maestre et al. 2013. Decoupling of soil nutrient cycles as a function of aridity in global drylands. Nature 502: 672-676. IF (2012) = 38.597; 2 [8] citations. This article has an Altmetric score of 149, and has been featured in more than 100 newspapers, blogs and online news outlets.

In another application, he included altmetrics in the narrative that explained his most relevant publications:

“…Some indicators of the relevance of this article and its impact among the scientific community are the number of citations it has received so far (55 and 90 according to ISI´s Web of Science and Google Scholar, respectively), which have made it be named as a “Highly cited” article by ISI, and the three evaluations received from Faculty of 1000 (F1000) members, which have rated it as a “Must read”/ “Recommended”  article (http://goo.gl/cLa4gl). This study has also been widely discussed in the social media, as indicated by an Altmetric score of 50, which makes it scoring higher than 98% of its contemporaries and includes it into the top 5% of all the articles tracked by Altmetric (more than 1,660,000; see http://goo.gl/aNVUUk for details). In addition, this work has been featured by newspapers, magazines, web pages and blogs from around the world (see http://goo.gl/JrJ4EY for a selection of news).”

To see more examples of how Fernando has used altmetrics in grant applications, check out his blog post on the topic.